Firenze …memories with you. DVD+Book

History, Arts, Famous Personages
  • Firenze …memories with you. DVD+Book

Enjoy Florence in your home: A documentary covering the city, its history and famous personages.

Contents: The City, The History, Art, Personages, Curiosities, The Medici Family.

Special Features: The Arno River, Florence, Then & Now, Wintertime, Slide Tuscany, Florence in music, A “journey through time” is a guide to the most beautiful places explained in detail (32 pages booklet). On sale at the prestigious Bookshop inside Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.

Audio: italiano, english, español, deutsch, français, Русский

Subtitles: portugues, español, français, english, italiano, deutsch

Format: NTSC / PAL (Playable in any Country)

Running Time: 106 min.


Firenze …memories with you


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