Venezia …memories with you

L' incanto della sua millenaria storia
  • Venezia …memories with you

A documentary covering history, arts, personages and also the hidden aspects of the city.

Contents: History of Venice, St. Mark Square, Gran Canal, The Gondola, Rialto, Ca’ & Palazzos, Churches, The Scuola, The Islands, The Lagoon.

Audio: English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Русский, Italiano, Dialetto Veneto

Subtitles: Portugues, Russian, English, Italiano, Deutsch

Special Features: Real time cruise in the Gran Canal with side views and names of the palazzos, The Carnival, The Glassblower of Murano, Photo Journey with music, An impressive in-sight into Venice and its Lagoon (32 pages book). On sale at the prestigious Bookshop inside Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

Format: NTSC / PAL (Playable in any Country)

Running Time: 105 min.


Venezia Libro+DVD


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